Ella’s 6th Birthday/ Painting Party

When Ella told me she wanted a painting party for her 6th birthday I was so excited! Party planning and decorating are one of my favorite things to do and add in ART and oh my goodness– totally my jam. I LOVE the creativity of putting together all the colors and elements to make something magical for my kids.


I knew I wanted my color palate to be bright and colorful and I decided that the easiest and cheapest way to bring in a huge punch of color was through balloons. Before I made my trip to Party City I had thought up my color scheme otherwise I knew I would have been totally overwhelmed with options in the store.


When decorating with balloons remember to use a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to create interest and depth. I bought a balloon arch strip that that made creating my overall form really easy. To keep the cost down on my massive balloon arrangement I picked out one main Unicorn Balloon, two stars and two hearts from party city and the rest were just generic balloons I blew up myself. A week later this arch is still up and we are still feeling pretty magical and happy. Water Color Balloons. 


In the art room I made a little space for Ella to open her presents. There was too much paint and cupcake-ness going on in the living room and I didn’t want to add to the chaos. I didn’t do much decorating to that room, I just found a happy birthday set on Amazon that filled the back wall perfectly for photo opportunities.


“Happy Birthday”Balloons from Amazon 

Cactus Wall Stickers 




I invested in a set of cute cups that I could reuse for parties in the future. I loved that the Milk Bottle Set came with reusable straws and lids.


Paint Palate Cupcakes were a hit and I let Ella pick out her favorite candies to fill the tray for decorating.




I was sure to stock up on our favorite paint colors at Hobby Lobby!



Each child had their own apron and canvas to take home! I let the kids paint whatever they wanted but I am sure you could find an easy kids painting tutorial on Youtube or Pinterest. Hopefully they have their little masterpieces hanging up at home!


It was a fun day I will never forget! Art is something we love in our household and it was fun to share that experience with Ella’s friends.


Watch the Birthday Video!


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