Treat Yo Self Girl!

This morning I woke up to my alarm, this is a new concept for me on Saturdays. I have never ever been a morning person… but I am learning. Teaching this year has put me on a schedule and I actually like and enjoy it. Who would have thought!?

SIDE NOTE: You will often hear me talk about my Jenni’s (Jenni P + Jenni W), they are two of my dearest friends. They bring so much joy to my life and I know they love me and want the best for me. Everyone needs a Jenni or two 🙂


Anyways, this morning Jenni P and I were going to go to a fitness class…. we had the best intentions of going I promise. But something happened on our way to class. We drove right on by the building and decided that today it would be more beneficial to enjoy being together and go to TJ Maxx instead. It was like we were two kids who were skipping school for the first time and we were so pleased with ourselves. We went up and down every isle squealing with excitement “Look at this, only $10.00” or “YOU NEED THIS” and “Oh my gosh, that is so cute.” We left the store with some great treasure’s and on the way home we stopped at a few flee markets. Girl time. Always good for the soul. When in doubt ALWAYS chose girl time.

A month ago I suddenly felt like it was time to start taking better care of myself. Ava and Ella always tell me “mommy you need to be nicer to yourself.” In my heart I have always known that but I was still in this weird post divorce funk. Maybe some people bounce back quicker than others but here I am YEARS later ready to start treating myself better. I deserve to be happy and healthy.

In the past my weight has been up and down and I have tried every diet program under the sun. I am tired of putting so much pressure on myself. I will no longer think negatively about my body, and I will no longer torture myself with diet and exercise. There are a few things I have started doing. I am eating better, and having fun cooking. But if there is something I really want to eat you better believe I am going to eat it and enjoy it to the fullest. I have set a calorie goal for myself every day and I record what I eat into the app MyFitnessPal this is helping me become more mindful of what I am putting in my body. Another thing I am doing is exercising but in a fun way, remember the NO TORTURE rule. I joined a volleyball team with some ladies from church. We have a blast and also get some major exercise. I love walking and listening to music or praying. But my favorite way to get moving is doing dance fitness youtube videos with Ava and Ella (check out The Fitness Marshall and Dance Fitness with Jessica. I have started wearing my fitbit regularly and now I am one of those people always trying to “get my steps in.” ha! After doing all of this for about a month I was happily surprised to find out I lost a good chunk of weight, I am not going to tell you a number because I don’t think that matters. What matters is I am feeling better, getting healthy and enjoying life.


‘Worthy now. Not if. Not when. We are worthy of love and belonging now. Right in this minute. As is.” Brene Brown


Color Me Ashley


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